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How to become a partner of the service «Abroad.Legal»?

Send an application by email at, describing your work experience and field of work.

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Become authorized as an agent for “Abroad.Legal”.

“Abroad.Legal” cooperates with partners through the agent code system. Each partner receives their own unique promo code, which they will share with clients. When a client purchases access to databases and uses this promo code, they will receive a special discount. Our partner will receive a commission for each sale finalized with their agent code.

What are the benefits of partnering with the job search service «Abroad.Legal»?

There is no competition; it’s only us who have reliable databases of employers who hire foreigners and help with obtaining work visas.

Many countries - USA, Canada, Europe, Australia.

Marketing support - bloggers, direct ads, contextual targeting, PR, email campaigns.

You don't need an office, you don't need employees.

An average profit of $3,000 a month from selling employer databases and additional services

Your advertising spending will average $350 a month.

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