How the service works

What is the process?

The first step is a simple sign-up on our website.

Fill in the form and click “Sign up.” If the information given is correct, you will receive an email that contains a password for your My Profile. If you don’t see it, check the spam folder. Next, you should sign in to your My Profile using your email as your login and the password you just received via email.

After you sign in, you will be able to select a plan - the plans are named by the visa types handled by employers who hire foreigners. You will also see a brief description of the visas and permits.

By clicking on the visa type you are interested in, you will be referred to a page where you can pay for the plan to access employer contacts.

To pay for your chosen plan, you need to click “Pay,” enter your card details on the next page, and confirm the payment. After the payment is processed, you will have access to the database. You can sort the list of employers by name or type of business activity, as well as add employers to “Favorites.” You will be able to access the list for six months. After your access period ends, you can purchase the plan again for six months at a discount. You can buy several plans with contacts at the same time.

After you choose an employer from the list and follow the link with their contacts, you can send a resume or request information about job offers yourself.

Navigating your profile

All tabs within your profile are displayed on the left side of the page.
  • “My Plans” displays the employer contact plans you’ve purchased and the duration of access.
  • In “Payments,” you can track the history and status of your payments.
  • “Support” is where you can find the feedback form to ask a question about the service or clarify information from the support team.
  • “Resume” is where you can create an online resume. Click “Create resume” to open a new page with a form. You need to fill in the form fields and click “Save.” Your resume will be saved in this tab as a PDF file - use it at any time. You can create several resumes, for example, and use a separate one for each job opening.




Sign up to start using the service. This will take a couple of minutes.


Access to employer databases

Choose one or more plans and pay via credit card. Since there are many different employers in many different industries, buying access to several plans at once increases the chances of finding a job.


Creating a resume

Our online resume builder is a free service available to anyone who signs up.


Job search

Our employer databases have convenient searching and sorting tools. Be sure to write a detailed resume and send it to employers by email. If you need advice on writing a resume or the interview process, order these services here.

If you have any questions, please check the FAQ tab to find answers to the most common questions.
If you do not see the answer to your question, please contact the support team.

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