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Every plan includes a list of employers (Visa Sponsorship) that hire foreigners
and can help you to get a visa or residence permit,
depending on your desires.
Work in USA

Visa Sponsors - EB2, EB3 (PERM), H1B, H2A, H2B, OPT, J1

Work in USA


6708 employers

updating the database: 22.09.2023
Work in Canada


Work in Canada


2622 employers

updating the database: 20.09.2023
Work in UK

Tier 2, Tier 5

Work in UK


1178 employers

updating the database: 15.03.2023

to get a work visa or
a residence permit with employment

 To find an job

To find an job

Sign up and choose a country to search for a job. All the employers are verified for sponsorship to get a residence permit or a job for work visa.

Create a resume

Create a resume

Order a resume writing service from a professional, experienced recruiter on our website.

 We have already found employers for you

We have already found employers for you

They are willing and ready to hire, but getting a job will require your initiative and perseverance. Send your resume to the employers you think are suitable for you.

Choose an immigration lawyer

Choose an immigration lawyer

He helps you with a work visa or residence permit. The process of obtaining a work visa takes from 6 to 24 months.


Employers for work visas


Job openings in various fields


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Finished resumes


A well-written resume will increase your chance of finding a job
PREPARE you for an interview with an employer


you for an interview with an employer


Work in the UK - concierge service

Work in the UK

concierge service


CUSTOM-BUILD the perfect resume


the perfect resume


Why choose us?

Service «Abroad.Legal»

You can find thousands of job postings all over the Internet. Hundreds of intermediary companies offer their services to search for jobs in different countries.

Do you know what the main problem is, and why you can’t find a job abroad with their help? 99% of employers do not hire foreigners without a work visa.

Our service “Abroad” provides access to lists of companies that help foreign employees get work permits and offer jobs.
We carry out multi-level checks of our databases and provide a 100% guarantee for our services.

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