1. Terms and definitions

  • 1.1 In this agreement, unless expressly implied otherwise, the following words and expressions will have the following meanings:
  • 1.2. Offer (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement/Offer) is this document between the Contractor and the Customer for the provision of the Services, concluded by means of the Acceptance of the Offer. The Offer is a basic document describing the relationship between the two parties and is non-negotiable. The version published online may be sent for review by email or provided for review by any other means.
  • 1.3. Acceptance of the Offer is full and unconditional acceptance of the Offer given by performing the actions specified in section 2.4 of this Offer.
  • 1.4. The Customer is the recipient of services under this Agreement.
  • 1.5. Service is access provided to the closed interactive section of the Site on a paid-for basis, with the ability to search and sort the contact information of employers hiring foreigners by selected parameters depending on the chosen Tariff.
  • 1.6. Tariff is the price to access the closed interactive section of the Site, provided on a reimbursable basis, stated on the Site.
  • 1.7. Site is a collection of information, text, graphic elements, design, images, photos, videos, and other results of intellectual activity, as well as computer programs contained in the information system that makes the information available online at the network address:
  • 1.8. Software is a browser (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Google Chrome and/or similar ones) that allows the customer to access information resources online, as well as other programs for transmitting, storing, and processing the information provided to them. The customer shall ensure the software is available to them on their personal computer.

2. General provisions

  • 2.1. This document is a public offer (Idalgo Telecom d.o.o.), hereinafter referred to as the Contractor, and contains all the essential terms of the agreement for the provision of information services. The individual who accepted the Offer acquires all the rights and obligations of the Customer as specified by the Offer.
  • 2.2. Acceptance means the Customer gives the full and unconditional consent to the terms of the Offer and confirms that the Customer, to the extent necessary for them, has read the terms of this agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Offer) available at: and its conditions are accepted without any reservations, restrictions, and fully comply with their will, needs, and requirements.
  • 2.3. By accepting the Offer, the Customer confirms that the provision of services by the Contractor is performed remotely through software and fully corresponds to the Customer's ability to use the services provided in the manner described.
  • 2.4. Acceptance is carried out by the following actions in the following order: filling out the registration form and paying in full to gain access to the contact list using one of the methods offered on the Site.
  • 2.5. The current Offer is always available at:

3. Subject of the Agreement

  • 3.1. The subject of this Offer is the provision of information services to the Customer by granting access to the closed interactive section of the Site on a reimbursable basis, with the ability to search and sort the contact information of employers hiring foreigners by selected parameters depending on the chosen Tariff.
  • 3.2. Under this agreement, services are limited to providing information about employers on an as-is basis to the Customer.
  • 3.3. The Contractor is not an employer, a representative of the employer, or an intermediary between the employer and the Customer, and it does not guarantee employment.
  • 3.4. The Contractor is not an immigration consultant and does not provide immigration legal aid.
  • 3.5. The Customer has exclusive competence to make decisions based on all the information provided by the Contractor. The Customer bears full responsibility and risks associated with the use of information and materials provided by the Contractor as part of the provision of services.

4. Procedure and terms for the provision of services

  • 4.1. To gain access to the services, the Contractor shall send a link to access the closed interactive section of the Site to the email address specified by the Customer when paying for the services no later than the date of payment for the services.
  • 4.2. If the Customer does not receive the access link, or there are some other technical difficulties, the Customer shall immediately send an email to the Contractor's technical support:
  • 4.3. Services are considered rendered from the moment the access is granted in accordance with clause 2.4. In this case, the payment made by the Customer under this agreement are non-refundable. The only exceptions are the circumstances described in clause 6.6. of this agreement.

5. Rights and obligations of the parties

    5.1. The Contractor shall:
    • 5.1.1. Provide personal access to the closed interactive section of the Site to the Customer.
    • 5.1.2. Comply with the requirements of the law regarding the processing, transfer, and protection of the Customer's personal data.
    5.2. The Contractor has the right to:
    • 5.2.1. Unilaterally change and supplement the terms of this agreement, without prior approval from the Customer, while ensuring to publish the amended terms at, at least one day before they come into effect.
    • 5.2.2. Engage third parties to provide services in accordance with this agreement. At the same time, the Contractor shall not be liable for illegal activity by third parties during the provision of services under this agreement.
    • 5.2.3. The timeline for the delivery of services (period of access to the closed section of the site) is 180 (one hundred eighty) days from the date following the day the services are paid.
    5.3. The Customer shall:
    • 5.3.1. Have a personal computer with Internet access, equipped with headphones and a microphone and have software needed to receive the services under this agreement.
    • 5.3.2. Provide the Contractor with up-to-date information that is necessary for sending information materials to the Customer, as well as for promptly communicating with the Customer as part of the provision of services under this agreement, namely: first and last name, valid email, and phone number.
    • 5.3.3. Not record or distribute (publish, post on any websites, copy, transfer, or resell to third parties) the information and materials provided by the Contractor to the Customer under this agreement for commercial or non-commercial purposes, create information products on its basis to extract commercial profit , or use this information in any other way than for personal use. 5.3.3. Не осуществлять запись, не распространять (публиковать, размещать на Интернет-сайтах, копировать, передавать или перепродавать третьим лицам) в коммерческих или некоммерческих целях предоставляемую Исполнителем Заказчику информацию и материалы в рамках настоящего договора, создавать на ее основе информационные продукты с целью извлечения коммерческой прибыли, а также использовать эту информацию каким-либо иным образом, кроме как для личного пользования.
    • 5.3.4. Not transfer access passwords to the closed section of the Site used by the Contractor to provide the services under this Agreement to third parties and ensure their confidentiality.
    • 5.3.5. Not change the software part of the Site in any way or perform actions aimed at changing the operation and performance of the Site.
    5.4. The customer has the right to:
    • 5.4.1. View the Contractor's materials posted in the closed interactive section of the Site in the selected contact database for a month after paying for the Contractor's services in full. Extended access is possible if another payment is made to access the Contractor's Services.

6. Cost of services and payment procedure

  • 6.1. The cost of information services under this is specified on the Site at:
  • 6.2. Services are paid on a full prepayment basis.
  • 6.3. The full cost of services is determined by the Tariffs and cannot be changed for the Customer if they have already given acceptance in accordance with the terms of the Offer and the current Tariffs.
  • 6.4. In other cases, the Contractor has the right to make changes to the current Tariffs at their discretion. The new cost comes into effect from the moment it’s published and does not apply to services already paid by the time of publication.
  • 6.5. The settlement currency is euro.
  • 6.6. A refund for the provision of services under this agreement is possible only if the Customer was denied a visa application supported by the invitation letter from the employer and the Customer can provide irrefutable evidence of this event.

7. Responsibilities

  • 7.1. The Contractor is not responsible for the failure to provide services to the Customer due to reasons beyond the Contractor’s control, namely: disruptions in Internet, equipment, or software on the Customer’s end. In this case, the services are considered to be rendered properly and shall be paid in full.
  • 7.2. No information or materials provided by the Contractor as part of the provision of services under this agreement can be considered a guarantee of employment.
  • 7.3. The parties are not liable for non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of obligations under this agreement during force majeure events. The Parties consider the following as force majeure circumstances: fire, flood, earthquake, strikes, and other natural disasters, war and hostilities, regulatory legal acts and instances of application of law that impede the fulfillment of obligations coming into effect, documented emergency (unplanned) hospitalization; the above circumstances must be beyond the control of the Parties, impede the fulfillment of this agreement and arise after the conclusion of this agreement.
  • 7.4. The Contractor’s total liability for any claim or complaints related to the agreement or its fulfillment is limited to the payment amount made by the Customer to the Contractor under this agreement. Only real damages can be recovered from the Contractor, while lost profits cannot.

8. Personal data and its use

  • 8.1. The Customer gives their consent to the Contractor allowing them to process Customer’s personal data given when registering in the closed section of the Site, namely: first and last name; email; phone number;
  • 8.2. The processing of personal data implies recording, systemizing, accumulating, storing, clarifying (updating, changing), extracting, using, transfering (distributing, providing, accessing), depersonalizing, blocking, deleting, and destroying personal data that do not fall under special categories for processing in accordance with applicable law.
  • 8.3. The processing of personal data is carried out to fulfill the Contractor's obligations under this agreement, ensure two-way communication with the Customer when they use the Site, and send informational and promotional materials to the email given by the Customer during registration.
  • 8.4. The Customer may withdraw consent to the processing of personal data at any time by sending the Contractor an applicable notice to the following address: Barjanska cesta 70, Ljubljana, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia. The Customer understands and acknowledges that withdrawing consent to the processing of personal data may require the deletion of any information, including deleting the Customer's account in the closed section of the Site and terminating access to the Contractor's materials.
  • 8.5. The Customer agrees to receive newsletters and promotional materials from the Contractor, or from other parties on behalf of the Contractor, to the email and/or phone number given by the Customer when registering on the Site.

9. Final provisions

  • 9.1. This agreement comes into effect from the moment of acceptance by the Customer in accordance with clause 2.4. of the agreement and is valid until the obligations of the parties are fulfilled.
  • 9.2. All disputes and disagreements between the parties are resolved through negotiations or in court in accordance with the current legislation at the location where the Contractor is registered.
  • 9.3. If the Customer violates the terms of this agreement and Contractor does not respond with action, the Contractor still hase the right to take appropriate actions later to protect their interests.

10. Details of the Contractor

  • Idalgo Telecom d.o.o.
  • Barjanska cesta 70, Ljubljana, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Davčna številka: 36786942
  • Matična številka: 8556482000
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