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Are you dreaming of working abroad and exploring new opportunities? Look no further! Abroad Legal Services is here to guide you through the process of obtaining the necessary visas and connecting you with reputable employers in the United Kingdom. Whether you're a skilled worker or seeking short-term employment, we have the solutions for you.

Tier 2 Visa (Skilled Worker Visa): Unleash Your Potential

The Tier 2 visa, also known as the Skilled Worker visa, is designed for skilled individuals who wish to work in the UK. This category is specifically tailored for professions that are in high demand and are deemed to be scarce in the UK. With the Tier 2 visa, you can pursue employment opportunities that match your skills and qualifications, allowing you to contribute to the UK workforce.

Tier 5 Visa (Temporary Workers): Embrace New Experiences

If you're looking for short-term or temporary employment in the UK, the Tier 5 visa is your ideal option. This visa allows you to work in the UK for up to six months or for the duration of your contract with a British employer, whichever comes first. The Tier 5 visa opens doors for exciting opportunities to gain international work experience, explore a different culture, and expand your professional network.

Our Extensive Database: Your Source for Trusted Employers

At Abroad Legal Services, we understand the importance of finding trustworthy employers. That's why we maintain an extensive database of over 1100 employers across various industries. Our database is regularly updated and thoroughly screened to ensure that you have access to reliable job opportunities. We aim to minimize the risk of encountering dishonest employers by thoroughly vetting each company in our database.

Direct Contacts: Connect with Employers, Skip the Middlemen

We believe in fostering direct connections between job seekers and employers. When you choose Abroad Legal Services, you'll receive direct contact information for employers, eliminating the need for intermediaries or agents. This direct approach allows you to engage with potential employers on your own terms, enabling better communication and understanding of the available job opportunities.

Why Choose Abroad Legal Services?

Abroad Legal Services is committed to providing comprehensive support and guidance for individuals seeking employment opportunities abroad. With our expertise in immigration law and our extensive network of reputable employers, we strive to make your journey smooth and hassle-free. Our team of experienced professionals is here to assist you every step of the way, ensuring that you have the necessary legal documentation and connections to pursue your dream job in the United Kingdom.

Don't let geographical barriers hold you back. Explore new horizons with Abroad Legal Services and embark on an exciting career abroad. Contact us today to begin your journey towards working in the UK!

Jobs that sponsor visa UK


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