Work Visa Austria

Work Visa Austria

An Austria work visa varies in terms of length and in terms of employment mobility. The most common type of work visa in Austria is a Red-White-Red Card.

A Red-White-Red Card is a work permit and residence permit that allows its holder to stay and work in Austria for a period of up to 2 years. Not everyone is eligible for this type of visa since it’s issued to highly skilled individuals from other countries who wish to work in Austria. The eligibility criteria for this permit are measured with a points system. Within the system personal attributes such as language skills, professional achievements, age, and work experience are all scored accordingly.

You will qualify for a Red-White-Red Card if you fall in any one of these categories:

  • Very highly qualified workers.
  • Skilled workers in shortage occupations.
  • Other key workers.
  • Graduates of universities and colleges of higher education in Austria.
The permit is issued in the form of a card with a picture and it serves as an ID. For this reason, it’s important to keep it in person in cases where you need to prove your residence status.

You must have a job ready for you in Austria before you apply for the work permit. If you do not have evidence of work (work contract), you are not allowed to apply for the Red-White-Red Card visa.

An Austria Work Visa lasts two years. During this time you can work and live freely within Austria just like any other resident in Austria. If your employment contract is over before the two years are up your visa will last for the time frame of your work plus an extra three months.

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