Work Visa Finland

Work Visa Finland

Finland has great work opportunities. However, in order to freely work there, third-country nationals need a Finland work visa.

The work visa is slightly different from other visas since it’s a long-term permit and it allows the holder to stay for a longer period of time than the regular 90 days limit.

Eligibility Requirements for a Finland Work Visa
In order to qualify for a work visa in Finland you need to meet some specific criteria:
  • You must have a valid work contract in Finland.
  • You must have a university degree (except for seasonal work).
  • You must work professionally in your field.
  • You must be clear of any criminal charges.
  • You must not be a danger to Finland.
  • You must uphold all Finnish laws.
  • You must not be subjected to any travel bans in the Schengen Area.
For a specialist visa: You must qualify as a highly-skilled worker.

For welfare and healthcare: You must be authorized to practice your profession.

For an entrepreneur visa: You are self-employed in the form of:
  • a private entrepreneur.
  • a partner in a general partnership.
  • a general partner in a limited partnership.
  • a member of a cooperative who has unlimited liability for refinancing.
  • an entrepreneur in a limited liability company.
For a start-up visa: You must have a start-up plan and financial support.

For specialist visa and EU Blue Card:
  • You must have a salary higher than average.
  • You must have high competence in completing the required work
For a researcher visa: You must hold a valid certificate proving your researcher status.

For scientific research: You must have an invitation to work on a scientific project.

For religious work: Your employer must be a registered association.

For au pair work: You must be between the ages of 17-30.

Before you apply for your work visa you must find a job in Finland. It’s obligatory to present a valid work contract with the rest of the application. Without work, you won’t be receiving a positive answer regarding your visa.

A work visa issued by Finnish authorities lasts about a year. However, the duration will vary depending on your type of visa.

If you have a B permit, otherwise known as a temporary permit, it will be valid only for a year. If you have an A permit, also known as a continuous permit, it will be valid for as long as you have work in Finland.

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