Work Visa Portugal

Work Visa Portugal

Portuguese visas
D1 working visa that requires having a job offer or an official signed contract from the Portuguese employer.

D2 is a business type visa and it is in demand among those who want to open or have already opened a company on the territory of Portugal. To apply for D2 visa, you will need to provide a business plan, a business capitalization plan, and other details related to its operation.

D2 extended visa is meant for independent professionals. It involves work in the spheres of business where confirmation of diploma or obtaining operational license are required. Such workers carry out their activities independently and in fact are individual entrepreneurs.

D3 working visa is for highly skilled professionals. Most people who receive this type of visa are employed in IT sector.

D4 is the long-term student visa. To apply for this type of student visa one needs to have an official letter of admission to any educational program lasting more over 12 months from Portuguese higher educational establishment.

D5 is the visa for short-term student visa for exchange programmes or double-degree programmes.

D6 is the family reunion visa entitling of the owners of permanent residency status to bring their family members to Portugal. Family members of persons owning temporary visas are not entitled to come to Portugal.

D7 visa is for financially independent persons or pensioners who receive passive income or pension from abroad. The size of such income should be not less than the average salary in Portugal.

Start Up visa is for start-ups with the high potential for financial growth. Start Up might be either a completely new established company or an existing company with previous history in another country. The process of receiving of such visa a quite is not an easy one.

Golden Visa in Portugal is the perfect solution for receiving permanent residency and citizenship status in Portugal with the minimal amount of requirements. If you are ready to inverts in real estate or other type of assets, this visa is the right decision for you.

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