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Depending on the purpose of the trip, the following categories of visas are issued in Kuwait:

Business visa is issued to foreign citizens arriving for business purposes.

Tourist visa is issued to foreign citizens arriving for tourist, private purposes, for treatment in Kuwaiti medical institutions, as well as when travelling in transit (if the foreign citizen has a valid visa of the country he plans to visit).

Family reunification visa is issued to foreign nationals arriving as family members of a person holding a Kuwaiti residence permit.

Working visa is issued for the purpose of employment in the government or in the private sector, or for employment as household worker, or for studying in educational institutions.

A valid work visa is required for any foreigner wishing to work in Kuwait. Before you receive work visa, your employer is to issue a NOC or Entry visa. NOC or Entry visa must be obtained for each family member, including children, and not just for the main applicant. In this document, the employer himself choses the type of visa the employee is entitled to. Even if the employee indicates a different period of stay in his visa application, he will be issued a visa for the same period as it has been indicated in his invitation from the employer.

Depending on the type of visa, you are applying for and the requirements of your position, the validity of your visa may be shorter or longer than 6 months. Therefore, make sure you understand the specifics of your employment visa before traveling to Kuwait to avoid any delays or problems upon arrival.

Prior to the expiration of the visa, a foreign citizen must leave the territory of the emirate, or obtain a residence permit.

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