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Qatar Visas

Tourist visa
This type of visa is by far the most popular among citizens of most countries. It is intended for travelling.
Business visa
This type of visa is required for persons who travel to Qatar for business trips.
Student visa
A student visa is required for people traveling to Qatar for the purpose of studying. To obtain student, a student is obliged to have a sponsor of the trip, to possess enough money to pay for his or her tuition, as well as a student needs to have an invitation letter from a Qatar university.
Guest visa
This type of visa is required for those who travel to Qatar at the invitation of a private person living in Qatar (a relative or a friend).
Transit visa
This type of visa is required for people who travel to another country through the territory of Qatar.
Upon Arrival visa
For nationals of most countries there is an opportunity to obtain a visa directly at the airport. This requires a permit from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Qatar, to which the applicant must apply in advance. The host can be a Qatari citizen, an airline carrying out transportation, or an officially registered Qatari organization. In this case, the validity of a tourist visa is 2 weeks and can further be extended.
Work visa
This type of visa is required for persons who plan to work in Qatar. The work visas are issued both to individuals and to companies. But at the same time, all applicants must be approved by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Qatar. There are two types of work visa to Qatar:
  • temporary work visa to Qatar;
  • permanent long-term visa to Qatar.
A temporary visa is issued for a period of one year, and after that it can be renewed annually. Allows employment in Qatar.

A long-term work visa is issued to applicants who are employed in Qatar on a longterm basis.

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