Work Visa France

Work Visa France

France long-stay Work Visas have been established for people who wish to enter France and remain there for more than three months, up to a year, under work purposes.

These are visas for people who intend to come to France and remain for a period longer than 90 days, with the single purpose of engaging in a paid activity.

French Salaried Employees Visa
For people who wish to work in France for up to one year. When applying for this type of visa, one must present a work contract duly endorsed by the DIRECCTE.
French Work Visa for Professionals and independent workers
There are some professions, which are not authorized to the non-EU nationals as bailiffs, notaries, judicial administrators and insurance general agents, etc. Others as doctors, lawyers, architects, etc. Will need authorization from the relevant professional body. Therefore make sure to check what you will need to do to engage in your profession in France, before applying for this type of visa.

The advantages of obtaining a long-term work visa in France include securing the right for its holder to apply for French citizenship and the right to reside in the country of persons classified as family members.

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